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There are LAWS against this?

by Douglas Anthony Cooper

From the LA Times:

“The son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor was indicted in Miami on U.S. charges of committing torture as chief of a paramilitary unit during his father’s regime…”…The indictment marks the first time a 12-year-old federal anti-torture law has been used, U.S. officials said.

“Charles McArthur Emmanuel, 29, also known as Chuckie Taylor Jr., was charged with committing torture overseas as a U.S. citizen as well as conspiracy. He could be sentenced to life in prison.

“Suspects who face the torture charges must either be U.S. citizens or be caught in the United States; in this case, Taylor was both.”

Last I heard, retired torturer Donald Rumsfeld was a U.S. citizen, and I suspect you could find him skulking somewhere in that very country.

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