David Frum Fired Again by Hallowed Think Tank

After writing for a second time that Obamacare represents a Republican “Waterloo,” conservative pundit David Frum has once again been ejected from the prestigious American Enterprise Institute.

The news, which surfaced on The Drudge Report, caught Frum by surprise: “But I was never rehired by AEI.”

A spokesman for the highly-esteemed conservative think tank, who requested anonymity, acknowledged this: “Yes, but we have decided to terminate his salary.”

“But AEI doesn’t pay me a salary,” Frum insisted.

“This is true,” the spokesman clarified. “We have terminated it.”

“No, I mean they terminated my salary after the first article.”

The revered think tank conceded that these were unusual circumstances, yet they felt they had no other option. “Sometimes you have to stand on principle,” said Charles Murray, the anonymous spokesman. “It was the last straw.  Whereas the last straw was the second-last straw.  I hope there won’t be any more straws.”

Frum disagreed with AEI’s characterization of events. “This is absurd,” he said. “You cannot fire someone twice, without first rehiring them.”

The legendary think tank clarified: “We are not firing Mr. Frum. We have never fired Mr. Frum. We are simply terminating his salary. As we did before. We are very careful not to fire a thinker when he becomes a traitorous Canadian crypto-Stalinist ratfink squish, as that would cast doubt upon the neutrality of our program.”

Pundits were divided. On his blog, The Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan nominated the story for the “Sarah Palin Trig-Bump Award,” which he bestows upon non-events. “Does anyone really care? The American Enterprise Institute lost all credibility when it fired Frum the first time.”

In The New York Times, however, economist Paul Krugman stressed that a layman was not in a position to evaluate this. The Nobel laureate “crunched the numbers,” and determined that the re-kicking-out marked a significant evolution in the story, in that the credibility lost has now become worthless.



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